Wednesday, May 27, 2015

12 Tags Catch Up

EDITED TO ADD... I WON! I'm a Tim's tags winner for my May tag shown below :) woohooooo

The best way to spend a long weekend is to craft the days away! I spent two full days with my artsy fartsy girls, Jenn Shurkus and Lynn Kopas just playing and gettin' painty. On friday, we played catch up and made all of Tim Holtz's 12 Tags of 2015! They are way more fun to create with friends :)

I had already created two tags (my January/February one and the April one) and you can find the blog posts and videos here for February and here for April.

 We started with May so we could actually enter one into the link up gallery ;) It wasn't my favorite of the tags at first, but it really was a lot of fun putting together. I think we enjoyed picking out the photo the most!

Hey, she kinda looks like me, right? :)

Next up I worked on the March tag. This is HANDS DOWN everyone's favorite. It's just so gorgeous and has so many great elements on it.

The gold embossed texture paste is just yummmmm. It's definitely my favorite part of the tag.

Last up for me was the February tag...

We didn't want to bother with the sewing machine, so I created a 'cross stitch' of sorts with the Tiny Attacher stapler.

Hopefully I can get the June tag done during the actual month of June! It was a lot of fun playing catch-up with the girls and Tim Holtz (in spirit)!!

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  1. love them!!!! hope we have an artsy fartsy day soon! :)

  2. Your tags are great and I had a blast creating them with you!!

  3. Sounds as if you had loads of fun! Great photos and congrats on being one of the May winners!

  4. I came to look at blog because you are a May winner on Tim Holtz. Congrats on that! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovely tags. I am doing some catch up myself soon.

  5. Wonderful tags and congratulations of being one of Tim's May winners, love the party hat on your gal in the picture!

  6. Hi, Rachel...I still need to create tags for January and February, but loved creating March, April and May that I am now hooked. I promise to catch up, too. Your May project is a beauty and it certainly deserved being featured as one of Tim's picks for May! Congratulations!

  7. What a great take on Tim's tag, Rachel! Love the colors! Congrats on being one of Tim's May picks!

  8. Congratulations on catching up, AND for your May tag win!

  9. All of your tags are great...what a good time playing catch-up with friends. Congratulations on your May win!

  10. Beautiful work! Would you call that binge tag making? LOL