Monday, January 30, 2012

Some Foxy Love

I haven't had too much crafty time, but I have certainly been up at night browsing some Etsy art! Last year for Valentine's Day I bought my hubs a lovely little art print of a guinea pig flying over Paris. We absolutely adore it, and it's time to add a new piece of art to the fam!

So what's the latest animal trend on Etsy? Red foxes. Clearly. I'm totally ok with this because our little papillon is our little fox, and let's be honest: they're way cuter than owls.

Here are some amazing little art pieces I've found while on Etsy fox patrol....

fox paper cutting by RuralPearl
If you have some browsing time, you must go through the ruralpearl shop which has beautiful and intricate paper cut artwork. I wish I could buy a framed original!

the delivery by emmaklingbeil
How fantastic is this print by emmaklingbeil? Funky meets weird meets adorably sweet. It would go great with our other prints! It has such a personality, I love it.

fox flowers by ChipmunkCheeks
This little fox is ready for some hippie love. He really just makes me smile... or is it a 'she'?? ChipmunkCheeks also has a little squirrel print I'm keeping my eye on.

tea time by yayforfidgetart
This foxy man has some serious attitude, and according to yayforfidgetart, he likes his morning tea with a pinch of gin. I think this guy and I would get along juuuuuuust fine ;)

origami fox by PaperoniPress
Of course I have to finish with some stationary. This little fox by PaperoniPress reminds me of my little pup, so it has found a special place in my heart!

So what do you think of my foxy finds? Which one should I buy for our Valentine's Day addition?! It's so hard to pick :)

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Cute, cute, cute! I love the little origami guy!

  2. Hi rachel! thanks so much for including my flowery fox! I'm now so in love with that little origami fox.

  3. I love the flowery fox! So pretty!