Monday, January 23, 2012

Recycled Sunshine

There are some great great challenges going on right now in the Moxie Fab World. They will really get your craft brain runnin. My favorite one is the "around the house" challenge. Use everyday items around your home to make your card.

I grabbed the bottle cap off the milk gallon we just finished (we aren't that healthy, milk usually just goes into our espresso) and used it as a stamp. It made perfectly imperfect circles, and stamped pretty well. I used distress inks Word Lipstick and Broken Glass

I also have a sunshine stamp set from the Crafts Meow that I realized was the exact same size as my bottle cap. I stamped a polka dot sunshine in orange (martha stewart ink) and the 'You are my Sunshine' sentiment fit neatly inside the bottlecap circle in black.

Aren't the little red pearls fun? I found them on the Oriental Trading site for cheapy cheap!

What items do you use around the house to work into your craft inspiration??

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Rachel I like your interpretation of the challenge looks like a fun one too!


  2. I love using stuff around the house! It tends to be paint, scrapbook paper, or something with a picture frame (since we have 9 zillion of them).

  3. Such a great card, love the idea of using a bottle cap as s stamp. i am loving this challenge as well, getting all of us thinking

  4. Love your design on this card!! Very creative use of household materials. Cute sun stamp and sentiment!

  5. That sun is awesome! Was falling behind on reading my blog posts, was scrolling through my reader quickly and had to do a double take and back that train up to see your card! Love this! Wouldn't have thought to use something like a milk jug cap-- very creative!

  6. Love your creative take on the challenge with the milk cap, Rachel!! FABULOUS!!