Saturday, December 31, 2011

My Fave Projects from 2011

I've been so blog absent this week, and I miss everyone! I started my job on Tuesday (yay!) and have been lacking any motivation to get crafty (boo!). Since I haven't made anything new, and it's the last day of twenty eleven, this is the perfect day to share my favorite 10 projects of the year!

Number 10:
I made this 'celebrate' card for my bloggy friend Kristen, for the birth of her baby girl in the middle of a horrible Northeast snowstorm! Click here for the original post.


Number 9:
This cute little red and teal owl holiday card was sent for the recent Card Crafting Mamas card swap (on etsy), and he traveled to Ruby over in England. Click here for original post.


Number 8:
I made so many Halloween cards this year, they are definitely fun to create. Tons of friends and family got cards, so I don't remember where this particular one went. Maybe to my mom and dad? Oh well. Click here to see all the others!


Number 7:
This is a chipboard album that I created for my dear friend, Michelle. It was completely put together by me, and I had so much fun making it! For more pictures, click here for the original post.


Number 6:
I love how fun this happy peacock card is! I made it for the lovely Virginia for her big 50th birthday! Click here for more details on the original post.


Number 5:
Side Step Cards! I don't think there is any card that I love more than side step cards. They are just way too much to create. I made these after our anniversary trip to Maine. They got sent to our parents. Click here for original post.


Number 4:
Now these little lizard cards didn't get much attention. Actually, they got very little attention at all. I love them, a lot. The colors are so fun, and they are just so cute! These haven't been sent out in the mail yet, I can't part with them. Click here for the original post.


Number 3:
This little Halloween wreath made quite the buzz around my blog. It was nice to have my project so well received! It's wrapped up in the basement now, waiting for next year. Click here for original post.


Number 2:
My aqua kitchen makeover was the beginning of a year long color obsession. I painted my chairs, made a piece of artwork, made another state pride paper artwork, and filled the room with teal towels. Click here for original post.


Number 1:
A holiday card that I created recently ended up being one of my favorites of the year. It was sent to the darling Rosemary for the Hero Arts holiday card swap. Click here for original post.


Have a happy and safe ring into the New Year! Don't make too many resolutions, or you'll just feel bad about yourself when you break them a week later. Happy 2012 :)

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Love these projects Rachel!! Those lizards are adorable!! Isn't it fun to do a blog post you don't actually have to make something new for? I know how you feel - working can put a damper on my crafty mojo - but you'll get into the groove soon once you get on a schedule. Happy New Year!!!!

  2. These are all so fun, Rachel! I love your Halloween wreath! Happy New Year! :)

  3. Love the project re-cap! Thanks so much for my sweet card! I owe you a little package soon!! (I've got a pile started :) )

  4. LOVE all of your cards, Rachel! They are simply delightful and happy--just like you! I am so lucky to have that peacock card! It is even more beautiful in real life!! Thank you for the gift of friendship! I hope you have a GREAT 2012 and that your new job will go smoothly with all things! HUGS to you!

  5. What a wonderful collection - LOVE your cards!
    Hope you'va had a great start to 2012, hugs, Karin