Monday, November 7, 2011

Mini Wreath Trio

I am so super excited to share my mini wreath trio with you all! They have been finished for a few days, but I just couldn't figure out the best way to hang them. Once that light bulb popped on, I was back in business!

wreath trio
I love love love them! I want to decorate the house in teals and reds for Christmas this year, but I also don't want to look insane having Christmas decor up the first week of November. So by using a deeper rich red in the middle wreath, this becomes a great "transitional" autumn into winter set! I get the best of both holidays :)

Since they're so nice and small, they fit great together on one doorway. I ended up finding these great little 3M sticky hangers, that are very small and so not noticeable at all. I hung them in a lop-sided, uneven way with the ribbon just to give each wreath its own special space

wreath #1

Wreath #1 Closeup
That is the first wreath! I love the papers (all DCWV) and I got funky with some of the edging on my paper rosettes, or paper medallions, whatever you like to call them. It's a good mix of teals and winter blues, I thought.

Wreath #2

Wreath #2 close up
The middle wreath is my favorite! Probably because I used my favorite DCWV paper stack of all time, Colorful Life, for all of the reds on this wreath. I love that paper so much I hardly use it because it's so pretty. This huge painting I made a long time ago (remember this?) was actually inspired by the artwork in these papers.
It's hard to tell how mini those mini rosettes are, but they are MINI. This caused a lot of hot glue gun burns, just because there wasn't any room for my fingers to hold the little guys together. Totally worth it, I love the little ones the most... just wanna pinch their little cheeks!

Wreath #3

Wreath #3 close up
The third wreath is the most 'winter' wreath, all the papers are snowflake prints. I even messed with the edging on one to try to make it look like its own snowflake. I had all the rosettes lean on the right side of the wreath, to balance out Wreath #1 which has its rosettes on the left side. And the red one in the middle has rosettes on both sides!

I hope you like my mini wreath trio! I am so happy to have it finally hanging on our living room door! If you want to make rosettes yourself, I have a great easy tutorial you can find right here

I'll be entering this into a Moxie Fab challenge, which is to use rosettes, my favorite... how could I pass that up?!

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. WOW!!! Your house must be so beautiful with all the amazing home decor projects I've seen you make lately - This is so FABULOUS!!!

  2. FABULOUS mini wreaths, Rachel!! I knew this would make an excellent entry for the MF challenge! Beautiful, my friend!

  3. These are so pretty, Rachel! Love the way they turned out! What a fun idea for the moxie fab challenge!

  4. These little wreaths are so cute!! Love how you used your paper rosettes on them. They're perfect for the challenge!

  5. These are adorable! So glad I saw them on Made It Myself Mondays!

  6. I love your mini wreath trio, and love the transition between holidays idea, too!

  7. These are great. Looks likes such a fun project.

  8. Super stinking cute. Those would make great tree ornaments, too.

    Be Blessed, Beckie

  9. Very adorable! People just love small decorations like that, and I love how they can go through the seasons!

  10. Hey Rachel! Thanks again for linking up to the Championing Award Medallions Challenge in the Moxie Fab World! :)

  11. Way cute!
    Thanks for linking them up!