Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How To Tuesday - Turn Cricut Mat into Silhouette SD Mat

**EDIT** I'm getting a lot of questions about using a Cricut mat with the Silhouette Cameo cutting machine... YES it should work and be the same size. You won't have to cut it down at all like I did for the Silhouette SD. You may still need to add blue tape on the edges for the wheels to grip onto the mat. Good luck!

How To Tuesday! Make a 12x12 Cricut mat into a Silhouette SD mat!

I have to be honest. I am in love with my Silhouette SD, but I absolutely hate the Silhouette mats. I hated them from the first day I got them. They are flimsy, they don't last (even when I clean them after every use) and they are very expensive! I don't use my Cricut as much as I use to, but I do think that Cricut has the best cutting mats! I can scrub those babies down and they always bounce right back, plus a pack of two 12x12 Cricut mats is still half the price of a single Silhouette mat!

a 12x12 Cricut cutting mat
a Silhouette SD mat (for sizing)
exacto knife
blue painters tape

If you're a paper crafter, my guess is that you have all of these materials around your house anyways. This is very easy, I will never buy a Silhouette mat again :)

Step 1:  Lay your Silhouette SD mat on top of the Cricut mat, and mark where the mat ends. Draw a line with your ruler...

use silhouette mat to measure where you'll cut the cricut mat

use ruler to draw a line down cricut mat
Step 2: Hold your ruler against the line you drew, and use the exacto knife to score down this line. Using the ruler helps you keep your cut line very straight...

score the line with the craft knife
Step 3: Cut with scissors where you scored with the exacto knife. I found cutting the mat with scissors to be very very easy with the scored cut already in place.

Step 4: Add blue painters tape to each side of your cut Cricut mat. This is very important!! Without the tape, your mat will not be able to roll into the Silhouette SD cutter. I placed my blue tape about 1.5cm in on each side. I simply trimmed whatever tape was hanging off the edges.

A new Silhouette SD mat!!!
And you're finished!!! In just a few easy steps you have made yourself a very sturdy cutting mat, at a third of the price, for your Silhouette SD machine! Helpful tip... Since the Cricut mats are thicker, you will need to give them a little push when you load it into your machine. Once it's fed in, it'll cut beautifully!

It fits!!
This makes me so happy you don't even understand. Those Silhouette mats were driving me insane, and these work so so well! Good luck, happy cutting!

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. I dont own a cutting machine but do admire your innovative spirit!! And your darling looks so cute as a bee!!

  2. I have Cricut, but sometimes I want a Silhouette too!! Cute bumble bee - my girls slept through Halloween this year. That's what happens when you get old!!

  3. Lovey our baby's Halloween's costume!! Totally adorable! I love your inventive ideas! Too bad I am intimidated about getting those machines...I still have a Cricut Expression unopened!!!! My bad!!

  4. Lovey your baby's Halloween's costume!! Totally adorable! I love your inventive ideas! Too bad I am intimidated about getting those machines...I still have a Cricut Expression unopened!!!! My bad!!
    *deleted previous comment due to typo

  5. Love your darling lil Bee!! SO cute! We dressed our dog up as a human, original yea? hehe.

    I love this idea! I recently got my very first Silhouette, a Cameo. I love it, but do hate the mat!! I only have the "baby bug" that requires the 6-12" mats. Do you think if I buy the Cricut 12x12 it would work in my Cameo? The mat that came with my machine that I've only used about five times already has deep cuts in it and is falling apart! I never had that problem with the Cricut.

  6. Well I don't have either machine! But think this is awesome that you adapted one for the other!!
    Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!

  7. Do you know if the cricut mat works on the new 12 inch Came

    1. Yes, it should! Line it with your tracker rolls on the cameo to be sure the size is right. You should not have to modify the mat at all for the cameo, just SD

  8. I have the silhouette SD and will the 12 inch cricket mat fit? This is the expressions mat. Awesome tho 2 12x24 for 15.99. Too bad michaels cpns dont work for cricket...

    1. I also have SD and have cut down the 12" mat like is shown in this post. The 12" will work (unmodified) in the Cameo. For the SD you will have to cut the mat to size and add the blue painters tape to the cut edges.
      good luck!

  9. Just tried your idea- cricket mat in my silhoutte...Way too thick, the machine wouldnt even move it along after giving it a little push...Dang!!!!

    1. I'm sorry to hear that! All I use is my cricut mat for cutting. the silhouette mats have been long gone in the trash. The cricut mats ARE very thick for the sil cutter, and I definitely need to give it a good push. Once the trackers take it, it works like a dream.

  10. What blade depth do you use when cutting with the cricut mat on the Cameo? My blade always chips when i cut 80lb cards stock.

  11. Thank you, thank you thank you for this idea!!

  12. hey really hope you can help me out... i just got the silhouette SD from ebay and it came with the circut cutting mats.... ive tried using it with two different papers and both got stuck to the mat and ripped...!??! am i doing something wrong?? or is there a solution to this? thanks for your help in advance! :)

    1. I use a silhouette spatula to lift. Just slide under and pop off like a baked cookie. I think both brands' mats are too sticky to pull off 60lb paper without tearing. And if you do manage to peel by hand, they roll from being stretched.

  13. Do you know the exact dimensions as I have lost my silhouette SD mat :( Thank you for the idea:)