Friday, April 29, 2011

Threw Together an Envelope Mini Album

Did you watch the Royal Wedding?! I definitely set my alarm to 4am and watched every second of it. Everything was beautiful, and I'm excited to watch this happy couple grow together!


Yesterday I made an envelope mini album for the first time. The pages are made with envelopes, so you can decorate the front of each page and also tuck a page inside each envelope pocket! I had a lot of fun with it, I know I'll be making more of these in the very near future!

I made this one for my husband, with a collection of pictures of our "fur babies" who both have birthdays coming up soon! Our darling puppy will be turning 5, and three days later our squeaky guinea pig will be 1!

Album cover. I used cut cereal boxes to make it sturdy

Finished album with no photos

See how all the pages are really just envelopes?! Love it

I ended up cutting off the envelope flaps

The first page. All the blue pages are tucked inside the pockets

Peanut and Meeko! My fur babies!

I hope you like it! I'll also be visiting home (Phoenix) for all of next week to see how my mommy's doing, so there may not be many crafty updates. Have a lovely week and a very happy Mother's Day!

<3 RWK
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  1. Rachel! I love the envelope mini album you put together! You are so talented with paper! I got your birdies yesterday!! Thank you so much! Your orders always come so fast! I gave Sailor a hug for you!!

  2. Great little album! Love the use of the envelopes to store things in! Very clever!B x

  3. Thank you ladies so much :) so very kind of you!

  4. Rachel-- This is so cute! I love it! What a great idea!

  5. Great project. I love the page with the puppy in the bee suit. I'm another CT crafter.