Friday, April 22, 2011

My Interpretation on Project Life

I'm sure many of you scrappers have heard about Project Life, which became popular through Becky Higgins kits.  My goal for my own is to be able to share with my mom what I have been doing over the year.

Since my mom's stroke last October, I have not been able to talk to her on the level that I ever used to. Calls home were often made 3 times a day, about anything and everything, and always going way over my minutes on my verizon bill.  Now, calls home are on average once every two days, usually for a total of 5 minutes.  I miss telling my mom about the stupid things I'm up to, even if it's just an "I'm so bored, entertain me" type of call.  It hit me that I could start a Project Life scrapbook to let my mom know what I did every day for the year.

Project Life: document your daily life for 365 days, make a scrapbook page a day, using a photo and a lot of journaling.

In order to make this totally manageable and not seem so overwhelming, I bought my own little kit for my own project. This is not a scrapbook to focus on creating, decorating, embellishing. Just to document and journal.

This is all you need.
I bought an 8x8 scrapbook (on sale), a few packs of extra page inserts (you know you'll go through them!), some cute journaling stickers from Ditto, and a gorgeous mat stack from DCWV. This allows you to be much more creative and personal on your pages than the set up of the Becky Higgins kits.

As you can see the pages are very simple, with the decorating only being from the paper I use with the mat stacks. Just journal the day away! Each day only takes me about 3 minutes to put together. This way I will not 'dread' doing a page every day for 365 days.

Journal it up!

My project life is for my mom.  This would be a great project for any new mommies and daddies who want a simple way to document all the great milestones in your baby's life. Make this your own and do it however you want. No rules!

Do you think you'll start your own? What methods are you using to make it more manageable?

<3 RWK

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  1. Hi Rachel- I wanted to contact you because remember just about a week ago - you had asked me the name of the cuttlebug folder I used - and I said I didn't have a name because it came with the cuttlebug V2 machine I bought - well I have some good news for you. Long story short, I had to have my machine replaced because my broke, and I just received my new machine today - and guess what I have an extra folder. If you really like it I will be happy to send it to you - just email me your address at [email protected]!

  2. Oh my gosh are you serious?!?? I am writing you instantly! I am so excited thank you thank you!

  3. Project life sounds amazing, I would never have the time to do it, but I think it would be a fantastic way of connecting with your mum now you don't talk as much. You're so blessed to have such a close relationship :) I like the idea of taking one photo a day of a new baby though, that wouldn't be too tricky. I saw a guy on the news who took photos of his kids everyday...for about 15 years! What a legacy!

  4. Wow that would amazing to have a picture every day of your entire life! Ya, the taking a picture everyday isn't too challenging because I take a lot of pictures of anything anyways. It does take time though, I hope my mom enjoys it!

  5. That's an awesome idea! I have a five month old and I really want to document as much as I can of her changing and development! Are you doing to put all 365 pages in one book? How do they fit? I always seem to have the problem of running out of space in scrapbooks.

  6. Liz-
    I am going to try to fit everything in this book, I bought a lot of extra sheets of pages. I doubt it will actually fit all 365 though. I think making one of your new baby would be amazing! You could buy more of a 12x12 binder (1.5 or 2 inch) rather than a scrapbook and then you would definitely have enough room for everything, just put the pages in the binder if you need them!
    Good luck!!