Sunday, April 14, 2019

She is not fragile like a flower

Working with the most basic colors has proven to be a challenge for me. I'm pushing myself to explore black and white in paint and I'm loving the outcome, even with a very basic page. I hope to begin incorporating a lot more texture on my monochrome pages, but I know that will take time and practice as well.

I actually created this spread over a month ago but forgot about it! At least I already pictures taken on my phone :)

I used a variety of black, white, and grey acrylic paints. I didn't allow drying time between the colors so the paints would mix more easily. I also incorporated a lot of water to mix the darkest colors together.

She is not fragile like a flower...

I stamped a Unity number stamp (Stenciled and Reconstructed) using white paint and also dabbed white paint through a simple grate stencil.

... She is fragile like a bomb.

I added some paint splatters with Dina Wakley Turquoise paint... I only did this because some very old turquoise paint rubbed off from the stencil and hey, I went with it.

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