Monday, October 24, 2016

Sugar Skulls

Growing up in Arizona, Day of the Dead was almost a bigger cause for celebration than Halloween. Sugar Skulls were such a huge part of the season and it's hard not to fall in love with the colorful details! So I decided it was time to decorate my own...

I started with a simple paper mache skull base that I found at Michael's. I painted the entire skull with Gesso before I added a generous layer of Orange Soda Gelatos to cover everything. 

Next I used my White Stampers' Big Brush Pen and Gesso to paint/draw designs throughout the skull. I also used some Mixed Media Stencils to trace flower and flourish shapes.

Once the white pen or gesso dried I could color in that space with some bright colored Gelatos. 

I also did some coloring with ArtGRIP Aquarelle watercolor pencils. 

Once my skull was all colored, I did some embellishing with Gold and Pearl Texture Gems.

Thanks for stopping by! There will be more Halloween inspiration as the week goes on!

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