Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How To Tuesday - Make Envelope for Dimensional Cards

Happy How To Tuesday! If you make a lot of cards that have added dimension, this easy tutorial is definitely for you. Today I'm using my We R Memory Keepers envelope punch board to make an A2 envelope that has just enough depth to fit your bulky handmade cards.

We R Memory Keepers Envelope Punch Board (bone folder included)
8 1/8" x 8 1/8" square cardstock

Step 1: For an A2 card, line your cardstock at 3 3/4", punch, and score

Step 2: Slide your cardstock over by 1/4" (so now it will rest at the 4" mark) and score a second time.

Step 3: Rotate your cardstock and line up your Score Guide with the inside score mark. Then punch and score. Again, slide your cardstock up by 1/4" and score a second mark.

Step 4: Continue rotating your cardstock by 90*, punch, score, slide 1/4" and score again. Once all sides are finished you will have two score marks on every side.

Step 5: Fold all score marks inward toward the center of your envelope.

Step 6: Adhere the bottom flaps. Now you're 3D envelope is finished!

Now your envelope is complete and ready for your handmade card. By making two score marks on each side, your envelope has just enough depth to snugly fit your bulky card.

The card here has thick dimensional foam dots to pop up the center image. On top of that, there are large pearls and a twine bow. Needless to say, this card would not ship well in your standard flat envelope. However, it has a lovely place to live inside this great dimensional envelope!

Have fun creating matching envelopes for your cards that have a little extra bulge! Side note: An A2 card measures 4 1/4" x 5 1/2"... the punch board lists an incorrect dimension and We R is aware of this issue!

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. ok now i want one of these envelope makers.. this is awesome.. thanks for the tutorial..

  2. I wanted to thank you for my card! Too cute, and your fur baby is too :-)

  3. Perfect and soo Beautiful! I'd want one too (-: !!!

  4. Great tutorial Rachel, I just got a punch board and the dimensional envelope is a fantastic idea!

  5. I have a punch board and still haven't used it. I will be trying it out now. Thanks for showing me how to use this thing! :)

  6. Can you give me the dimensions for a 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 square envelope? [email protected]

    1. Sheila... These are the dimensions I would try for a 5.5" card
      Start with 9" square paper
      Line it up to the 4.5" mark, punch, score
      Then slide it to 4.75" mark and score again.
      Then just follow the rest of the steps. Good luck!

  7. I have this envelope maker, but I did not know about the double scoring to make a dimensional envelope. This is great I cannot wait to share this with my sister, Jo, we teach a card making class. We made an envelope with the envelope maker, but now I think I will show how to make the dimensional envelope! Thank you!

  8. Every time I try to do this, I end up with little gaps in the corners where I've punched with the punch board. Is that normal, or am I doing something wrong?? They're not big gaps...but just annoying to me!

  9. trying to make a envelope with slightly smaller thickness like 1/8 instead of the 1/4 would the paper size be the same, just slide over and score at the 1/8 instead of the 1/4? thanks for the help.

  10. suggestions for a very dimensional 4x5.5" card??