Monday, February 27, 2012

Reject week! Day one

I thought I would use this week well by sharing a new (to you!) reject card each day. These are cards that I submitted to Paper Crafts magazine. Some I knew wouldn't get in but I submitted anyways, and some I actually thought I had a chance at... those ones hurt the ego the most.

Reject number one: An anniversary/Valentine/Love you card.  The concept was to use paint on your card, so I stamped using acrylic paints :)

reject 1
 I loved this card. I loved the imperfections, the flaws of the paint, and the bold colors. My husband ended up giving me this card for Valentine's Day this year, so I guess he really liked it too :)

Stamps: Paper Smooches "Word Salad" and Craft's Meow "Vintage Ornaments"
Paint: Americana acrylic paint in red and navy

And tomorrow there will be another reject to lay your eyes on (more stamping with paint comin up!)

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Very cute and creative. Love the design and the colors!

    I've only had one accepted last Feb for PC and I've submitted to every call since then - so don't feel bad. It's not easy to get accepted - they have so many submissions! But, I did find out last week one of my summer card rejects got picked up for the August Cricut Magazine! Don't forget to submit other places too - especially if you make one you really like.

  2. Love the colors! I know what you mean about "imperfection" for the paint design as I have a couple of those! I also submitted on that one and didn't get any picked! Keep playing!