Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Very Happy Mailbox

This week has been quite a fun mailbox week for me! As my husband put it "You're quite popular today" I'll take it :) So I would like to say thank you so much to the love ladies that made me smile today

from Donna :)
I won this fabulous paper punch from Donna's give away at her blog for World Card Making Day. I have never held a more serious punch in my hands, this baby is not joking around! I also looove her card she sent me, and the best part is that I recognize it from a previous sketch challenge :) it's  always great to get to see the cards in person, the photos never quite do them justice! Thank you so much, Donna!

from Virginia
Virginia sent me this gorgeous gorgeous card that she made for the last Hero Arts card scramble. I was drooling over it, to say the least, and I was so happy that she sent it to me! There was the sweetest note inside that put the biggest smile on my face. She even gave me a big handful of fab SRM stickers, I can't wait to use them! Thank you so much, Virginia!

from papercrafts!
I also won this magazine issue from Paper Crafts for World Card Making Day. I have never really browsed through a crafting magazine before, but this is addictive. There are so many amazing ideas in it, I have half the magazine 'ear marked' already for things to try :) Thank you!

What's been making your mailbox smile lately? I have received a lot of gorgeous cards and generous little gifts from the women I have met through blogging. I am so fortunate to know such amazing and talented people! Thank you all so much

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Congratulations on your pretties. I love going to my mailbox, truly I do. Well except on bill day but even it's not so bad. Today I received beautiful fabric I ordered! Hgus. Tammy

  2. Wow, you did have a good day at the mailbox! You'll probably be addicted to crafty magazines once you open that one - I am. I love to really go through them and look at the supplies and techniques and names of the creators while I'm at the gym on the cardio machines. It helps pass the time.

    Today in my box I got Creating Keepsakes and a SUPER UK Mag called Cardmaking and Paper Crafts - they even sent a My Minds Eye mini holiday paper pad and some chipboard stickers to match - that's pretty awesome!!

    Have fun playing with all your new goodies!!

  3. SO happy to see my mail arrived safely!! And..what can I say about YOU?? You are just so sweet and kind, Rachel. The last little while I have been visiting your blog, it gives me such a great pleasure to see your creations and happenings from YOUR end!! About the Star War costume (from my blog)? You are so like my family! All of my family members are big time Star War, Star Trek fans!! Thanks for posting my little card :)

  4. WOW - these aRE FABULOUS!!! LOVE your cardS! Have a nice week-end!!!

  5. COngrats on your wins the punch looks gorgeous


  6. Hey congrats again on all your big wins! It's amazing that they all came at once. I love mail!!

  7. There is not a doubt why you are getting these wonderful goodies in your mailbox!! Congrats on your wins! Also - it is nice to have such nice crafty friends!! I have to apologize to you - b/c I TOTALLY forgot to tell you how I loved your card I got a couple of weeks ago. It has been maddness Rachael for me lately. Read my latest post and you will see why!! Honestly - I don't get anything for anyone other than you - but one day hopefully that will change as I would love to have a bigger craft family :)

  8. I don't usually get any fun mail in my home mailbox, but I have enjoyed reading my email comments from you. Thanks so much for the well wishes for Bree. It is very appreciated!