Friday, September 9, 2011

Hand Made Beach Chipboard Album

I have been itchy itching to share this photo album with you all.  I started working on it over Labor Day weekend and I finally finished it late last night! I have to say, completing an album or a scrapbook page just feels very rewarding :)

front cover of the photo album
My friend, Michelle, and her son took me to many beaches this summer. I realized that every single picture I had of her son (a lot) were at various beaches, and I promised I would make her a beach album at the end of the summer.  I don't think she believed me that it would get finished, but here it is! The adorable sand castle on the cover is from Lettering Delights Soak up the Sun set.

inside front cover
This album is completely hand made and put together by mainly recycled materials.  The front and back covers are cut up cereal boxes (Lucky Charms to be specific) measuring 7x7 inches. Each inside page is also cut up boxes (Cheese-It boxes to be specific) measuring 5 1/4 x 6 3/4 inches.  I determined my page sizes pretty much by how big those cheese it boxes were.  The adorable puffer fish I used is from Lettering Delight's Something Fishy set.

svg image from Lettering Delights 'something fishy' set
my favorite of the inside pages
With all of my measured and cut chipboard pages, I just covered each size of them with coordinating patterns of card stock paper.  I used spray adhesive to cover the chipboard, then just place the paper on top.  Almost all of the pages you'll see are from the DCWV Dots and Stripes paper stack, and the DCWV Pattern Glitter paper stack.

some little embellishment die cuts were added
On a page that had a little bit (teeny bit) of extra space, I added a matching die cut.  This little umbrelli image is from Lettering Delights 'soak up the sun' set.  I used Make the Cut software to size it, and cut it with my Silhouette SD.  Also, this is one of my favorite pictures of this kid that I took all summer.  He just looks like such an old man sitting under his sun shade :)

die cut embellishments
The page next to this picture shows him eating a huge popsicle, his favorite food in the world. The popsicle image is from Lettering Delights 'summer treats and popsicles' graphic set, which you get for free just for signing up!  I used Make the Cut software to pixel trace the image to use it as an SVG.  I cut the shapes with my Silhouette SD.

carousel embellishment
I have to be honest.  This damn svg was a bitch to cut, but I just needed to use it and spent about an hour getting all the little pieces out.  Worth it.  Everyday in Marthas Vineyard (for photos from my trip, visit this post!) he would have to go to the old Flying Horses Carousel to try to get the brass ring :)  This svg was found from google image search, I imported it to Make the Cut software and cut it with my Silhouette SD.

you can complement me on my handwriting in the comment sections ;)
This is the last page, a photo of all three of us in a garden patch on Marthas Vineyard.  I used the inside back cover as a simple, basic place to leave Michelle a little thank you note and list the different places shown in the album.

I love how it all turned out.  I especially like the sturdy-ness of the album since all pages are covered chip board (cereal boxes).  I had so much fun putting it all together! I'll package it up and ship it to her house this afternoon, I can't wait for her to receive it!

Have you started your summer albums and scrapbook pages yet? I have so much to get caught up on, I haven't done a scrapbook page since April!

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. I must say that the scrapbook is most definitely super cute! I'm sure your friend is going to love it!

  2. What a fantastic gift for your friend. I enjoy scrapbooking too, but it takes me forever to finish a page, much less an album!

  3. Great scrapbook - so much detail - it took you a lot of time!! I made mini scrapbooks for my friends that went to Savannah with me and it took me forever - but it was worth it because they loved them.

  4. Your friend is going to treasure this forever! I haven't put any pics into any sort of album. I am just not a scrapbooker :(

  5. what a great album to give it to your friend!! Luv the all details. I bet she will treasure it! :-) Thanks for stopping by my blog today, leaving a sweet comment! Have a great weekend~ :-)

  6. Amazing amazing, Rachel!! Not only it looks FABULOUS, the mini album is made of recycled materials! I am so amazed at your creativity! What a great keepsake about the summer beach time!

  7. Great mini I love it! So glad I found your blog!