Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How-To Tuesday: Make Paper Flower Hair Pins

I love Tuesdays! By posting a how-to every week, I am able to try a new craft that I haven't ever tried before. Most of my How-To Tuesdays are the first time I've ever tried something, I love it!  Today we'll make PAPER flower hair pins using all those random flower embellishments I'm sure you have sitting around.

I have been wanting to try these for a while now, so let's get started!

The Material 411:
Paper Flowers or other scrapbook flower embellies
Mod Podge
Bobby Pins
Favorite Glue
Bling, Stickles, Brads whatever 
Spray Finish (if ya have it)
Hot Glue Gun
Materials (plus a hot glue gun)

Step 1:
Using your small brush, paint a light layer of mod podge on the 'top' side of your flower (feel free to mod podge the bottom if you're patient enough) And let it dry. The point of doing this is simply to make your flowers stronger and more durable.
Step 1: Mod Podge em up

Step 2:
Use your spray coat finish, if you have it, and spray the tops and bottoms of each flower. Make sure not to inhale too many fumes. And let it dry
Step 2: inhale the fumes
Look how shiny they are now!

Step 3:
Layer up your flowers however you wish and use your favorite glue to adhere them together. I combined a good mix of small ones and large ones and polka dots and solids.
Step 3: Layers baybe

Step 4:
Fun time! Add your bling, stickles, buttons, brads, glitter, whatever your heart desires. I liked using the brads because that also adds more hold to the layer of flowers. I couldn't resist and had to put a flamingo in one of them :)
Step 4: decorate. The 'cool' tones
Step 4: decorate. The 'warm' tones

Step 5:
Last step! Take your bobby pins that you also have lying around the house and hot glue the two together. I also went back and put a big hot glue glob on top of the back of the pin for extra oomph. Make sure you don't glue the bobby pin to itself!
Step 5: Hot glue it all!
All finished! Now enjoy your creation!! These were really very simple to put together, the hardest part was being patient and waiting for everything to dry. 

Finished Product!
Made this combo for Fourth of July wearing (also our anniversary, haaay)
And wear them around town all day long! How do you ladies take pictures of your hair so well, this picture was incredibly difficult for me...

Bathroom photo shoot

What else do you use those paper flowers for besides scrapping and card making?? I had a lot of fun with these and will probably make one for every outfit color!

Want me to make you some? Just contact me and I would love to make a custom order for my lovely followers!!

<3 RWK
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  1. Rachel-- These are soooo cute! I love them! My favorite one is the pink one on top of white and polka dot paper! You are so creative!

  2. Thank you so much Heidi!! I like that pink one too, they were a lot of fun to put together!

  3. I love these - might try to make some for my niece. Even better, I think I have everything in the house for it :)

  4. These look so much fun! I'm not really girly, but these would look cute on a card as a removable gift!

  5. Ooo that's a great idea, to attach them to a gift or something, I like that!

  6. So pretty and such a great technique. TFS.

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  8. Soooo cute! It's a great idea! Wish I had a baby girl too, to make these for her :).

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! Love this idea, thank you:)