Friday, March 18, 2011

Lollipops are the New Cupcake

I've noticed that many of the crafty people throughout Etsy also have a lot of interest in cooking and baking. I always see craft blogs that throw in a great cookie recipe every now n' then! So my sweet tooth started tingling and I had to see what the creative candy makers in Etsy were up to.

Let's face reality...

Cupcakes are incredibly trendy right now. The latest 'it' dessert. But that's why they're called 'trends'.  They don't stay popular forever!

My opinion? LOLLIPOPS are the going to soon be the next cupcake. They are so IT and NOW

Here are 5 of my favorite and unique lollipops that I found on Etsy. And they seem so perfect for spring...

If you know me, you know I like a good drink (who doesn't?). The cocktail lollipops from sweetniks sound so tempting! Sweetniks includes yummy cocktail bits within the candy, like orange peels in the grand marnier flavor. A great party snack!
Who knew lollipops were now being made out of cake batter?! These perfectly springy butterfly cake pops from Cakepopbakeshop are dipped in a candy coating. You can pick from a number of yummy cake batter flavors. (I would definitely want the Lemon Zing! Perfect for spring)
Adorable 'Hoot Owl' white chocolate pops from SuckersbySteph can be made in your choice of color. The detail and texture in these owl pops really makes them unique. This would be a perfect favor for any party or get together!
Ok. I have an obsession with lobsters. No, not eating them. I would never ever eat any seafood. Like I want 20 pet lobsters they are so so adorable...I'm off topic that will be a future post someday. So of course these classic cherry Lobster Lollis from sugarbellysboutique caught my attention! The only lobster I would eat!
Another delicious looking cake and chocolate pop! cocoaconfections allows you to pick your yummy cake flavor and also choose the colors to fit your party theme. They look like the most delicious mini ice cream sundaes!

I hope this inspires you to kick in the spring with the newest trend in treats! I would of course like to thank sweetnikscakepopbakeshopsuckersbystephsugarbellysboutique, and cocoaconfections.

<3 RWK
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  1. This is such a great article! Thank you so much I shared the link on my facebook page! I love the cocktail lollipops I had not seen those!!!

  2. I'm only just catching onto cupcakes, so it may take me a while to advance to lollipops! Although I do know a fellow crafter (very talented) who was saying she'd bought a load of chocolate moulds, so perhaps you are right!!
    Personally I am a savoury person, so think the new trend should be crisps(chips!)!!

  3. Mmmm they all look so good! Those cake pops look like they would be so fun to make, but not as fun to eat because in one bite they would be gone! They are awfully pretty though. This was a great topic for a post!! :)