Thursday, February 3, 2011

Made it from CT to AZ!

I honestly don't know how I traveled on the day of the worst snow storm in our country's history but I did! And I made it across the country!! Fun story: We had to drive 1.5 hours in the snow storm to get to the airport in Hartford and I didn't even know if my flight was delayed or canceled because everything related to Southwest Airlines was knocked down (nothing was updating online and the phone number wasn't even working). Get to the airport and of course my flight is canceled. They put me on the last flight out of Hartford to connect in Baltimore and oh my goodness I made it to Phoenix in the same day!!!!! I just couldn't believe it.

So anyways I'm home in Phoenix to help out my family.  I am really encouraged by the progress my mom is making even just in the 48 hours I've been home. It's interesting to watch her. You can give her a picture of an elephant and tell her to write what it is and she will flawlessly write "ELEPHANT" but then ask her to point to the letter "E" and she has no idea which one it is. She often doesn't know the different between a letter and a number, but I would still trust her with filing my taxes! I'm so glad I made it home to see her in person, slightly talking to her over the phone just wasn't enough.

Sorry for the life-story post of no crafting relation! I'll most likely be focusing on my photography while I'm in Phoenix... what with lack of all my crafting supplies n' all.
Enjoy these snowy airport pictures

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  1. At first when you said you traveled across the country, I thought you meant driving! That would really be an accomplishment. Although flying is still impressive. I'm glad you made it safe! :)

  2. i did drive across the country last year, 2900 miles! I made a promise to myself I would never ever ever do that again!!

  3. I too thought you first meant driving across the country! It reminded me of a blizzard I drove through in Nebraska two Christmases ago. I was on my way to see my newborn nephew in Colorado, driving the whole way from Baltimore! What a story and won't do that again!

    I hope your mom continues in her recovery!