Monday, July 18, 2011

Adding a Splash of Color to the Kitchen

I've missed you all! My parents were visiting so I have been lagging on the blog posts the past couple of weeks. It was so great to see my mom and dad, and my mom's speech really is getting stronger, even if she doesn't think it is.

I am a renter, which means I don't have the freedom to completely remodel or paint my home as I would like. If it were up to me, I think every room would have a giant wall mural painted right on it. But since I have to keep the walls white and can't paint the molding, I had to find other ways to spice up my kitchen...

So I painted the chairs an aqua blue! This was all inspired by a little dish towel I bought at Target a couple months ago for $4...

the towel that started it all
So this color became my obsession. Just this towel caused a craving for all things Aqua. And then I made this....

I made these state pride paper pieces knowing that it would end up somewhere in the kitchen. For my post about this easy project click here! Here it is hanging above the window in front of the kitchen sink. It's a very tall ceiling (about 10 feet high) and this is the only color way up there, so it really stands out.

And then I got really excited when I found an old paint bottle that was aqua color, so I made this....

old acrylic paints and water colors
I had a lot of fun splattering the hell out of this thing, and the landlord's precious white walls have a few misdirected red splats on it. Woopsies... that's why there's those Magic Erasers right?

Then there were the cheap black Stefan chairs from Ikea. I'm sure you've seen them....

Stefan chair,
They're the cheapest (wooden) kitchen chair that Ikea sells. Two years ago we bought four of them, in black. I was determined to paint these suckers, despite my husband's wishes....

Ahhhh much happier! I spray painted the chairs with Krylon Ocean Breeze paint. They could each use another coat, but I ran out of spray paint.

I love my new kitchen!!!! And the hubby actually really likes it, too (why do men doubt our decorating skills?) I think painting the chairs such a bold color was a great way to add character to the room, especially since the walls can't be painted. And I love the new splatter painting and the location of it. Walking in the door puts a smile on my face!

Price breakdown:
Canvas and paints all reused from stash
Dish Towels - $4
3 Cans of Spray Paint - $18
State Pride Piece made from stash

What easy touch ups do you add to your home to brighten up your day?

<3 Rachel W K
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  1. I love the chairs! Excellent choice! You've inspired me-- I'll be posting a little fun one on our guest room tomorrow, I think!

  2. P.S. Glad to hear that your mom is improving!

  3. That's great that your mom is doing better :)

    I love your color choice! These colors say "beachy" to me, and would also be awesome for a beach cottage.

  4. your kitchen looks great!! :)

    I painted my kitchen chairs blue too!! You can check it out in picturesHERE

    And I like your painting on the wall too :)

    Notes She Wrote

  5. I am so happy I came across your blog at MIMM Link Up. I love altering things and I agree, color is just the right added touch to things sometimes. I find myself changing decor often...I would love it if you hopped over to check out my projects sometime.
    I am your newest follower!

  6. Cute! Ya know, the first thing I did when I bought my house was to paint the walls. I wish I would have kept them white!! I feel so restricted because I can't use color the way you just did. Next time it will be back to white.

  7. What a lovely color of paint on the chairs! I'm diggin' it! Makes it look welcoming :)

  8. Love it! I have the tablecloth that matches your towel in my kitchen!
    Peace & Harmony,

  9. My brother lived in an all white apartment for years and the first thing he said when he finally owned a home was that he wanted color in all the rooms. Therefore, I know how excited you were to find a way to work with the white, yet get a splash or two of color.

    I love the painting that you made!

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