Sunday, July 22, 2012

Have ya missed me?!

That's a silly question, because I know the answer is 'yes!' ;)

I have spent the last week in my faaavorite spot in the whole United States. This was my fourth visit to the fabulous utopia that is the Chautauqua Institution located in upstate New York and I know there are many more to come

Here are some quick phone camera photos that I took throughout the week...

 The Miller Bell Tower overlooks Lake Chautauqua. Our house was just one block away from where I took this picture

 The Hall of Philosophy was also just one block away. Discussions/lectures are held here. We attended one about a young woman who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean to raise awareness for safe drinking water. Pretty inspiring!

 Really cool bird houses by the sailing center. Matty and I just sat on a bench watched the babies get fed by mama bird

 Us in front of some private docks. Wish I could own one!

 Sailing center at sunset

 The only place we trust Meeko to run around off his leash! His ego was filled for this week. Such a cutie :)

 There are morning lectures every Monday through Friday. The theme this week was 'Water Matters'. This lecture was with Sylvia Earle, an oceanographer who was currently working in her submarine the Aquarius. Pretty cool!

 Mommy and me on Bestor Plaza

 Obligatory cool staircase picture at the Kellogg art center

And the always gorgeous Antheneaum Hotel overlooking the lake. Many nights of frisbee were spent on this lawn.

It's the hardest place to leave when the week is over. Back to reality (and work) tomorrow. waaah

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Exactly , why you asked, Rachel!!? Of course, we miss you! So glad that you get to travel and spend time with your mom though....the photos are super lovely! They make me want to go on trip NOW (mine is coming up soon in August! YAY!)!