Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Project Update: Where are they now? {1}

I post a lot of projects, cards, whatevers, that I say I'll use for this or that, but what really happens to them? Consider this an update, before and after, extreme project makeover. Welcome to the Valentine project edition....

First up: that upcycled tea tin Valentine container. I said something along the lines that I would fill it with notes for hubby or something smooshie and cheesy like that...

original tea tin

filled with coupons!

so many coupons!
Instead of filling it with reasons why I love hubs, I filled it with silly coupons. Typically you'll see things like this for "good for one car wash" "good for one week of house cleaning" etc etc but I already do all those anyways. So what a rip off those coupons would be. I included ones like "Any home made dinner of your choice" "Any movie you want" "trip to NYC - you get to pick the museum" "one week without complaining about sports" and so on. I made them fun, things that we can do together, and something I know he'll enjoy :)

Next/Last Up: Red Wine Tags. These were created for a Moxie Fab 'around the house' challenge. You can browse the original post here.

original tags

to: the lovely couple. from: the fur babies

'Happy Valentine's Day! Your the Best Mommy and Daddy EVER!'
The fur babies spelled "you're" wrong because they're stupid. How sweet is it that our babies bought us a big ol' bottle of red wine for Valentine's Day?? I'm surprised the liquor store sold to them because they definitely don't look 21.

Hope you enjoyed the update!

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Of course we enjoyed the update!! How's my crafty friend doing!? Glad to see that you are not in a crafty, posting slump like yours truly. Hopefully soon I will get my act together!! :)