Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Travel the World Wednesday - New York City

Happy travels! I have been neglecting my travel responsibilities lately, so I thought I should start back up with one of the greatest cities in the world... NEW YORK CITY

I am fortunate that we now live just a $14 train ride away from Grand Central Station. It's made for some amazing day trips, great walks with friends, broadway shows, and most recently the US Open finals.  I don't think I can do NYC justice by describing it on my blog, but I will share some personal photos of mine today :)

But first... the NYC treasury. I LOVE how this looks, it was definitely worth the solid hour it took to put together. There are so many amazing pieces of art here, great jewelry, and faboosh stationary. I am loving this one a lot. Please click around and support your fellow etsians!

Now some personal photographs from the past year visiting New York City...

my BFFFFF Katie visited! At Rockefeller Plaza

my husband and I

Chrysler building

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Central Park

Have you been to NYC? What was your favorite thing about visiting?? I like the window shopping best :)

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. thanks so much for featuring one of my NYC prints in your treasury! What a fun trip to NYC via your blog!

  2. This is one place I have never visited. I'm sure New York New York in Las Vegas doesn't count lol.

  3. I love it there. I'd love to live there (in theory). It's just amazing to visit. There is no place like it.

  4. Thanks for sharing you pics of NYC. I love that city and can't wait to get back there soon! I'll let you know when I go, maybe can meet up:) Oh, my favorite part is Broadway. The last time I went I saw Wicked and it was awesome!!

  5. I am glad that I came back to re-visit your I really didn't want to miss this NYC trip!! I love your pose at the Museum of Art.My kids like to do that when they go to museums. Once they posed with Van Gough's portrait in Paris...and your new "husband" Matt is CUTE!! It's been AGES since I visited NYC. Back then there were still the Twin Towers...!