Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Airplane Panic Attack turned Sweet Teal Surprise

Exactly one week ago, at about this exact time, I was just walking onto a plane at the Baltimore/Washington Airport (BWI). I picked my window seat, ignored the people sitting next to me, and avidly read my Martha Stewart Living magazine. This was gonna be an easy, 45 minute flight and I would soon be reunited with all my boys.

Captain: "We've just gotten told there are some weather issues, we'll just pull out to the tarmac and wait till we get the go ahead, I'd say about 20 minutes."

Anybody who flies knows what this means. They just pulled you out of the gate so they could mark that flight as "on time" when really you're stuck on a tarmac for "20 minutes" which slowly turned into 50 minutes when we get another announcement:

Captain: "Still some weather delays, we're being told by the controllers we'll be out here in about 20 minutes"
*collective groans and baby screams from all passengers on board*

I hate flying. I hate flying alone. And I especially hate being lied to, and given some run around bull shit of a story.  If you knew we were going to be almost 2 hours delayed, at least let me drink some wine in the airport, not leave us stuck sitting in a tiny little seat!

I call my loving and patient husband in a sea of tears and panic attack breaths, to which he can only respond "I'm sorry baby, I can't understand what you're saying." I was pretty much a blubbering, mascara-running mess.

Airplane complaint now over.... so this event leads to me turning back on my phone. I see I've got an email from Kate Spade.  They announce that there is a 24 hour 'Flash Sale' happening now, prices up to 70% off. I quickly browse the site to find something, anything, that I want.  My birthday was two weeks ago, after all.  I find a clutch I have loved since spring but could never afford. Kate Spade didn't lie to me. This beauty was 66% off the original price...

Captain: "Ok we've been cleared to go. We need everybody in their seats immediately, we are ready for take off."

In a fit of panic, wiping away tears, and oogling over this clutch I could lose, I sent my husband one quick text and then immediately turned off my phone for take off: "Buy me the katespade bixby clutch in teal as soon as you hit a compy. Flash sale. I have bday money from home. Can't buy over phone. $125."  What can I say, I was in a needy situation. Also my husband 100% does NOT (n-o-t) support my kate spade addiction. I knew this text would quickly be ignored.

Fast forward one week. The ever so pleasant UPS man rings my door bell, pounds on my door, I hear him drop a package and walk away....

Oh thanks sir, as you turn on your truck to leave, I love receiving mystery packages with fist sized holes through them.  I hate UPS. How much do they 'love logistics' if they're leaving holes on my porch??

So of course I open it with a somewhat angry overtone...

Well this looks like something I may like...

This bag is truly a thing of beauty. I was in awe when I opened it. I didn't know it was such a great size, I didn't know it was leather, I didn't know it had wood clasps, I especially didn't know the inside lining would look like this...
I was holding Perfection in my hands. I really almost cried. This was such an amazing surprise, and the clutch is so much more beautiful than I ever thought it could be. I love everything about it.

It even matches my new teal kitchen chairs. This is definitely my color. 

I can't tuck it into the closet just yet, this beauty needs to be seen. But I know she will have plenty of friends to welcome her when she is placed nicely in the kate spade shelf...

Thanks for reading my airplane complaint turned cute aqua surprise story. What's your shopping addiction? You know you have one.

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Oh my god this is so funny. Love airplane panic attacks. So fun. Kudos to you having such a sweet husband to actually go and order the clutch for you, knowing that you were in a panic. That is so sweet!

  2. Oh this was fun reading-- and I bet your hubby got a wonderful hug from you!!

  3. Sorry about your airplane troubles. I'm glad I don't mind flying alone since I'm always alone when I fly!! Love your clutch - super cute. I'm kind of addicted to Trollbeads - but I'm in a 12 step process and it's helped a lot:)

  4. Loved reading this post! And I definitely love the clutch! Perfect indeed and you're husband is awesome-- I don't think I would have been that lucky! Love the color, love the wood. I love bags too, but my serious shopping addiction is shoes. I can't pass up a good pair! Even my students make comments about how many different shoes I have!

  5. I hate being stuck on the tarmac! That is a very pretty bag :) I haven't got a shopping addiction...unless you count craft supplies!

  6. Darn those companies! It used to be so easy to fly!
    I just wanted you to know how I appreciated your comment on my blog while I was on vacation!

  7. Hi Rachel- You won my blog candy-
    can you email me your info so I can send out!!! :)
    and ADORABLE purse! I need to get on the email list!!

  8. Love the color and the wood accents on the clutch! I'm a Coach girl myself - it's a sickness :)

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