Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Trip to the US Open + NYC + 9/11

On Sunday, my hubs and I took a day trip to New York City to go to our first US Open tennis match! This was also my birthday gift from him, so I was allowed to go into any shopping stores I desired ;)  We were also in NYC for the ten year anniversary of September 11. It was amazing to be there, I have to say.  Warning - This will be a picture intensive post, have fun lookin'!

First stop out of Grand Central Station was Rockefeller Plaza30 Rock is my entire family's favorite show on tv ever (next to arrested development) so this is always a must-stop.

Me at 30 Rock
gold man in front
Rockefeller Center has the craziest artwork, very entertaining
 Then we visited Times Square...

 I have never seen New York City more empty than it was on Sunday, it was almost scary how quiet it was.  Most of the large screens on the buildings were displaying images like the one above, or just images of the American flag.
St. Patrick's Cathedral NYC
Then we took a long, but easy, subway trip on the 7 train over to Flushing Meadows for the US Open women's finals!....

you can welcome me anytime, thank you!
we were front n' center for the boys' junior finals... Oliver Golding beat number one Jiri Vesely
In awe of Arthur Ashe stadium... finally get to be there in person!
Before the women's finals, we also got to watch the women's doubles finals and see the trophy ceremony for that, so we got to see 3 finals in one day! Pretty cool!

Queen Latifah sings the National Anthem
Stoser gets the trophy! Beats out Serena Williams
And there were a lot of great sights and views from Flushing Meadows park....

from the 1964 World's Fair, so so cool
NYC skyline view from top of Arthur Ashe stadium
Champions Circle! Feds is freakin awesome
So that was my Sunday!! I love tennis, it is such an amazing sport.  To be in such a great venue, live, with such great players was a very very cool experience! We are already planning our trip for the 2012 US Open :)

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Looks like such a great trip! I am always in awe of NYC and probably pretty much wander around with my mouth open. It's amazing what is crammed into such a small amount of space. Glad the tennis action was good for you!

  2. Thanks for sharing those amazing pics. New follower :)

    Stop by and see me some time...justbcreativecrazy.blogspot.com

    Be Blessed,Beckie

  3. Lovely pics Rachel


  4. Such great pictures of NYC! Glad you had such a nice time :)

  5. Hey Rachel, Thank you SO much for sharing this awesome day trip with us. I did ask you to pack me in your purse...so this is as good as it gets! My favorite picture is the engraved man's final results for the winners of US open...that's some history Federer had ( too bad it's in past tense!!). Your look so sweet in front of the RF center! Your hubby is sure a KEEPER! I'd say that is one of the most awesome birthday gifts-EVER!