Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Travel the World Wednesday - South Africa

 It feels so good to get back to traveling with you all!  I'm very excited about this one because it means I get to share my favorite favorite faavvoorrriiittteee photographer of all time in this post.

So pack your bags... we're headed to South Africa!

Before we get to gorgeous photography, I need to share this treasury about South Africa. The colors are so rich and beautiful, and it is unique for me because half of it is vintage items. I usually don't include anything vintage in treasuries, but these goodies were too good to pass up.  Please click around and share the Etsy love!

My favorite photographer of all time is Steve McCurry.  He is so fabulous, has traveled just about everywhere, and I am mostly in love with the way he captures colors in his prints.  He's really just amazing. You may recognize his work from this photo....

I was fortunate enough (and so excited!) to see Steve McCurry speak about his work at the Chautauqua Institution.  So this is my picture of him on stage talking about how he captured this world famous National Geographic award winning photo.  He's also very very funny and a great speaker :)

All photos are by Steve McCurry and are from his website. 

Steve McCurry - Cape Town, South Africa

Steve McCurry - Cape Town, South Africa

Steve McCurry - Cape Town, South Africa
 These are from the Niger River area, I just had to share them... both by McCurry

Steve McCurry - Niger River

Steve McCurry - Niger
I'm so happy I got to share my favorite photographer with you, along with a fabulously rich treasury.  I own Steve McCurry's book about his travels to India and the Middle East, I can not recommend enough. It's just beautiful.

Please share any of your African travel stories, or if you've never been (I sure haven't!) which part would you love to visit??

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for including my Vintage summer collection in your beautiful treasury:)
    The collection has 5 photos from South Africa, can you spot them?

    I lived there for seven years, five in Cape Town & I miss it soooo much. I took hundreds of photos but only have a few rolls developed.
    Here are just a few I added to flickr a while back:

    Here's a great blog I follow:

    Thanks again & have a great day:)

  2. Angie
    Thank you so much for sharing these links with us, your flickr photos are beautiful! I love to go there in person some day!

  3. Hi Rachel,

    Thank you so much for sharing Steve McCurry's photos. They're absolutely wonderful! I'm an American living in South Africa - in Betty's Bay. It's a magical place. We live at the base of a mountain, and baboons come to visit, nearly daily. There is a colony of penguins on the rocky beach here, and South Africa's only herd of wild horses lives nearby! Besides my jewelry shop, I've recently opened a phototography shop in Etsy, to share some of the incredible beauty of South Africa :)

    Singin Heart Jewelry Designs
    Nomadah Photography

  4. Debbie-

    Where you live sounds truly unbelievable, I would love to wake up to so many wild animals every morning! And thank you for sharing your photo shop, I'm checking it out now and have already found ones that I'm going to 'heart' :)

  5. Wow! Love Steve Mccurry's photos and did recognize the first one! Thanks for this amazing trip to South Africa!