Saturday, September 24, 2011

Entertaining Wine Labels - Even Hello Kitty Gets Wasted

I couldn't help myself.  I am visiting my parents in Phoenix this week, and am going through craft withdrawals. I'm actually going through brain withdrawals forgetting a lot of my meds back home, but that's another issue. So here is a non crafty post about my favorite wine labels at our recent trip to Total Wine (love).

We don't have wine stores like this in Connecticut. It's a real shame, and it is slightly depressing but life goes on.  If you know me even a little bit, you know I like my wine, but sometimes I have to admit I like the wine labels even better than the liquid inside....

My favorite wine labels from today, pictures taken from my phone, please enjoy...

Your eyes do not deceive you. Hello Kitty now sports a pink dessert wine.  She is a little pricey, I think about $16 a bottle... don't let your children have it, regardless of the adorable too cute to handle label!

Admittedly,  this was my very favorite of the labels. I mean, it's just perfection. Arrested Development anyone?

"Just because I'm not pure breed doesn't mean I'm not a good dog"  this little pup reminded me of Lou, from The Soup. (anyone?)

Just a good name. Definitely sounds like it's party time. WOoot!

Whenever a worker at a wine store asks me if I'm looking for anything in particular, my response is usually "something cheap and white"  So ya, they know what's up.

This just had amazing artwork, I am loving that drawing. I would buy it poster sized.

Oh ya, and I haven't had In n' Out in 29 months, so I had to make a stop with my mom....

perfection between two pieces of delicious carbs
What's your guilty food secret? You know you've got one. C'mon, spill it...

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. What a great post!! my guilty food pleasure are these new Trifle candy bars by Three Muskateers. YUM!

  2. What a fun post, Rachel! I'm not into wine..but I sure love the labels!! That is the cutest labels that I have ever seen (hello Kitty!?)! Enjoy your special time at your parents! xo

  3. Some very creative labels! My guilty food pleasure is turkey skin at Thanksgiving. Have a great week!