Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Travel the World Wednesday - Germany

Happy Travels! I am so excited about this week's virtual travel destination, and I am loving everything about the featured treasury to match it :)  My parents spent a lot of time studying music in Germany, my husband and I both studied German in college, he is basically obsessed with all things Germany (from history/wars to sports and visiting) and if you all only knew my middle name and my maiden name (and my married name!) I think I have a more German name than the Germans that live in the apartment above me.

How many times can I say 'German'??? Anyways... Pack your bags, we're headed to GERMANY!

I love love love this treasury I made. There is gorgeous collections of goodies, and everything is just different enough than the American items that my eyes were drooling.  I wanted to keep it colorful and fun, because poor Germany does not always have the reputation of always being so :(

Please click around the treasury, share your favorite items, and show the artists and sellers some love! I am always so excited about all the talent I find through these travel treasuries, thank you etsians!

Now for some gorgeous gorgeous photographs.  All of these photos I found through the National Geographic travel webpage.  If you ever want to plan your next vacation, I think that's the first place you should visit!

Brandenburg Gate - photo by Timothy Burk

Bavarian Winter - photo by Iva Seto (how dream land does this look?!)

Potsdamer Platz, pieces of the Berlin Wall - photo by Miguel Villagran

Residenz Palace - photo by Cotton Coulson

Wangen Town Center - photo by Paul Hogie

Thanks for traveling with us today!  Have you ever been to Germany?? I would love to go and see all the amazing castles and gorgeous architecture, and to drink authentic German bier :)

<3 Rachel w k
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  1. And I thought I'm the ONLY one that is obsessed with all things in German! Ich bin ganz freue, dass Du(und deine Mann) auch Deutsch liebe---there I struggled with my German (I did studied German for 4 years in university back in Taiwan!). Thanks so much for your photos. I did visit Brandenburg in 1988 ...can you believe that East Germany was still around? We went over the Easter Berlin and it was NOT fun! Glad that Germany has changed so much for the better! LOVE your virtual trip, Rachel!

  2. I've never been out of the country, and this might sound pathetic, but I LOVE visiting the countries in Epcot because I feel like I've really been to each one. They do a fabulous job on them, I suppose. I love Germany...they have a Werther's shop there that is to die for!

    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos - they make me want to visit the REAL country, not just Orlando ;) And thanks for following me and sharing your link...I'm definitely following back!


  3. The follow button just disappeared :(
    I hear it's been doing that a lot lately! SO I will bookmark your page and follow you when it shows up again.

  4. Thanks so much for including my artwork and since I am an American living in Germany, I'd love for all of you Germany fans to come visit me too :)