Friday, July 29, 2011

Photos from my Parents' Visit

You may remember that my mom and dad recently flew in from Phoenix to visit me here in Connecticut! My mom had a severe stroke in October 2010, and I think it is a huge accomplishment that she was able to take such a long flight to visit me. I wanted to share some photos from their trip with you all. We pretty much toured around the entire state of Connecticut and Upstate New York.


We drove down the Golden Coast of Southern Connecticut
some shoreline of southern Connecticut

We took a little day cruise around the Thimble Islands....

Thimble Islands, southern Connecticut
We visited some historic Connecticut homes, and looked at marine animals of Long Island Sound at the SoNo Aquarium

I'm so awesome
Stopped to smell the blooming flowers

flowers around New Haven, CT
We visited the entire family on my mom's side in Albany, NY and toured the Saratoga Battlefield

Saratoga Battlefield
We drove along the Housatonic River and through Litchfield Hills (the Berkshires) back down to Southern Connecticut

Housatonic River, Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

<3 Rachel W K
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  1. What a great post about your mom's visit! I have never been to CT state and I 'd love to visit some day! Your historic photo is so fun and lovely!! Thanks for sharing!