Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How-To Tuesday: Organize Those $1 Ribbons

Happy How-To Tuesday, my favorite day of the week!

Over the weekend I got really distracted while working on some birthday cards, and made a ribbon spool organizer.  The only ribbon I ever buy is from those giant bins at Michaels or Joanns.  They are usually $1, have 3 yards of ribbon, and housed in a cardboard spool large enough for 20 yards. They drive me nuts and take up way way too much space in my tiny little apartment craft space.

Skewer ribbon holders
I know most people use some sort of shower rod contraption for spools, but my super fantastic landlord (ahem) would lose his shit if he saw something like that bolted into his precious walls. So I created a mini version of that and wrapped all my ribbon around a bamboo skewer!

Here's what got me so distracted and crazy....

nothing is worse than being disorganized!
bamboo skewers
wine corks
and of course, your ribbons

Step 1: I immediately grabbed some corks from my trusty wine cork stash. I put those on the end of the skewer. Those no real reason to this, but I didn't like the pointy ends sticking out.

my old wine corks in the skewer, and messy ribbons
Step 2:  Put a piece of tape on an end of your ribbon, and tightly wrap it around the skewer. This will help keep the ribbon in place and not flop all around your skewer.  Keep twisting the ribbon around, and then tape the end to keep it in place.

all wrapped up!
That's really all there is to it! Make sure to check the length of your ribbon before wrapping it. If you've got 10 yards of the stuff, you'll probably pull your hair if you try this. It was perfect for my 3 yard spools!
I made one skewer with all my pinky ribbons and one with my blue ribbons. I learned those are really the only two colors of ribbon I own!

all of my bargain ribbons in one easy to find spot!

The little skewers take up so much less space than all those over-sized cardboard spools. And besides, I found somebody who was more than willing to put these spools to good use...

nom nom nom
That's what I call upcycling.

How do you organize your ribbons? What has worked best for you in the confines of your crafty area?

<3 Rachel W K
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  1. i put mine in an egg carton that I've cut holes in the top of. then it just pulls up and through! yay! haha

  2. Hi Rachel

    You have some terrific ideas!

    I have my ribbons in a large, flat box, I made "dividers" out of strips of cardboard to the width. The box fits in a cupboard nicely. I have organized my ribbons by thickness, then color. I find this works well.

    Now, my double sided tape rolls - I have them exactly like you do on the skewer (my skewer is a metal one I found at the thrift) Better yet, I have it suspended eye level underneath a shelf in my craft area. I did this by wrapping wire around a shelf and underneath - two pieces - then hanging the skewer ends into the wire. I can "pinch" the wire to tighten it up toward the shelf. Being as I use my double sided for every card its a life saver.

    Regarding my Silhouette, I am loving it and hope to offer many more templates on my blog! I have a ton of free digi-scrap elements for download too so feel free! Adding more to the "vault" all of the time. Eventually there will be over 200!

    PS - I already destroyed one entire set of mats for my Sil but have had them replaced.

    Any advice for me?

    ~ Barb

    PS - LOVE your living composter haha! So funny.

  3. Thanks for this fantastic idea! Mine is a mess! I am just too lazy to organize the ribbons! Thanks for giving me an idea!

  4. I love all of your ideas... an egg carton?!! I would have never thought of that! And I love the double sided tape idea, it's also my number 1 go-to adhesive!

  5. I love your idea with corks and skewers. Mine are in a plastic container all piled on top of each other, a mess!! Maybe someday I'll get serious and clean it up. Hugs, Pam at http://craftycards4u2.blogspot.com/

  6. Your post made me laugh out loud! The last picture with the guinea pig was hillarious! Anywho, this is a great idea... I'm one of the ones that use the ribbon organizer on the wall, but I don't have a lovely landlord to deal with! :) I used to... *Ugh*

  7. What a great idea! TFS!!! + I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one without a huge crafting room!!! (sometimes I'm sooo jealous when I see those articles where they have unlimited space and think I'd never make the mess I make now if only I had a room like that!!! (-:
    I'm leaving here with a smile - that last pic is hilarious!!!