Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Travel the World Wednesday: Tokyo, Japan

Happy Traveling to all of you! And a special 'hello!' to many new followers who may not have traveled with us before, we are happy to have you!

Pack your bags, we're headed to Tokyo, Japan!

Tokyo looks like the most amazing and crazy city in the world. This is a city where you are constantly packed in like a sardines in a can but loving every second of it. It's New York City times 10 million and on steroids! It looks like so much fun, with so much to see and do.

Here is the lovely Etsy Tokyo treasury I have put together. I love all the bright colors in here, it reminds me of the bright city lights and neon signs.

Please click around the treasury, it's active! There are so many amazing works here, I love the talent! Thank you artists for traveling with us today :)

Now for some amazing pictures of Tokyo...

35 Million People like in Tokyo! Insane. Photo from NatGeo

Men dressed in traditional armor.  Photo from NatGeo

Tokyo Skyline with Mount Fuji in the background.  Photo from Wikipedia

Gardens inside Japan Imperial Palace.  Photo from Wikipedia

Sumo Wrestling Arena, this looks like so much fun!  Photo from Wikipedia
Would you ever like to visit Tokyo? Would the crowded feel drive you crazy or would you love it?

Thanks for traveling! have a great Wednesday!

<3 RWK
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  1. I think this is a great idea for a treasury/blog post!! I have previously lived in Tokyo and the crowd can at times be quite isolating, but at other times it is extremely energetic and fun! I love the image of Tokyo with Mt. Fuji in it -- usually things are quite overcast/cloudy and I have never seen it so clearly from within the city, but I have traveled to the base of it before and it is truly a sight to behold!

  2. I love that you travel the world every Wednesday and take your readers with you. Thank you for including our sushi candles in your Etsy treasury. If you want to know about living on the Big Island of Hawaii, please visit my blog:)