Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Travel the World Wednesday: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Happy Travels all! I have been feeling very broke lately, and yesterday found out the landlord wants to raise my rent by $125 more a month, plus they raised it by $75 eight months ago... aren't there any laws against this sort of thing? I feel like I'm being forced out of my home and I really don't take kindly to that!

So I wanted to feel like I was a millionaire (so freakin' bad) and travel to the ultimate icon of excess and wealth and insane architecture, Dubai! (Granted there is a large disconnect between the rich and the poor, unfortunately)

Here is the lovely treasury filled with Etsy artists. For treasury purposes it features mostly Dubai as well as Saudi Arabia and a couple other middle eastern countries... I loved the rich warm colors of  everything...

Isn't everything gorgeous? Please click around the treasury to take you to the art you love! Thank you etsians for your amazing and beautiful talents.

For some more pictures.....

Waiting for a wedding, aren't the kids so so cute? Photo from NatGeo

Dubai city skyline, it looks like something from the future. Photo from NatGeo

View of the iconic Burj al Arab hotel along the Persian Gulf. Photo from Wikipedia
Ski in the middle of the desert, at the indoor ski resort! Photo from
Oh ya and Dubai makes their own islands, Palm Island. Photo from the Emirates Network
The first time I saw anything about Dubai it was on some sort of extreme architecture show on PBS about these islands. From then on my mind was officially blown.

Hope you enjoyed your trip! Happy Travels!

<3 RWK
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  1. Gorgeous treasury and great pictures! Would love to go to Dubai one day!

  2. Oh how I want to be there right now.

  3. FYI--

    I'm crazy about landlord stuff like that because we used to have the worst luck with landlords trying to take advantage of us before we bought our house. I hope things work out for you!

  4. Thanks Heidi, it relieves a little stress to know i can at least kind of fight it!

  5. Thank you so much for featuring my spices photo in your so interesting blog :-))))))))
    I really appreciate it :-)
    I like to travel and i believe that through my photographs i can take you to travel with me :-)

  6. Hi Rachel,
    Just came to ur blog from Lawnscaping challenge and yes am living in Dubai.
    It is simply as beautiful as ur pictures and a place to spend some good times.
    Hope u visit soon :)


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