Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Travel the World Wednesday: Coastal Maine

Happy Travel the World Wednesday!  My husband and I just returned from an early anniversary vacation, and we definitely have a new favorite place.  We went to Cape Elizabeth, Maine (just south of Portland, Maine). Everything was so relaxing, peaceful, and just beautiful.  The very first day we were there I kept saying "I don't wanna leave!" I would for sure buy a summer home here if I ever could afford it!

So pack your bags, we're traveling to Coastal Maine!...

I loved putting this Maine Etsy treasury together because I found so many paintings and photographs of places we had just visited. This is a great collection of truly talented etsians, please feel free to click around the treasury as it is active!

And here are just a few photos from our vacation. Can you tell our little Meeko is our baby boy? We kinda like him a lot (and he just turned 5!)....

The path to our private beach, Crescent Beach

Meeko enjoying his paws in the white sand

Meeko posing in the breakfast gazebo 

Beach roses overlooking Two Lights State Park

Portland Head Light, the most photographed lighthouse in the U.S.

Thanks for traveling with us today! Have you ever been to Maine? Have you ever been brave enough to visit in the winter?

<3 RWK
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  1. I love Meeko!! Thanks so much fo rfeaturing my crab here - makes me want to head for this beautiful part of the world! Alison

  2. Nice! I'm headed up to Maine in about a week. Can't wait!

  3. Meeko is just the cutest! I love Maine....have been going there my whole life and now I enjoy taking my children. My favorite place is New Harbor - so picturesque and the lobsters are the best!! I'm so flattered to have been included in your treasury. Thanks for including my Wild Lupine Earrings!

  4. I had the chance to go to Maine back in July 2001. I was in and around the Portland area too. And, no I am not brave enough for their winters. Maine is a beautiful state! I enjoyed it very much. Got your card BTW, and thank you buddy. I enjoy having a crafty friend to send/receive card to and from. :)

  5. This is just lovely! I want to go to Maine! Thanks for putting in my headband!

  6. Thank you for featuring my seaweed. You should visit the coast north of Portland - it is dramatic and rocky, with fewer sandy beaches.

  7. I have never been to Maine, but I want to go so badly! Your photos are beautiful, Rachel!

  8. So great~! Thanks so much for including us here!

  9. Alison - I have loved your shop for a long time, I'm glad I could include the crabby piece in here!

    Tuesday - have fun in maine, I wish I could go back already!

    Kimberly - I hope now to make this an every year trip, I'll definitely have to explore more of the state, New Harbor sounds lovely :)

    Kari - Glad my card arrived safely! I never know about the postage these days... can't wait to send you more :)

    Kendra - You're the best your headband colors matched perfectly I HAD to include it!

    Jenn - your seacombing collections are great, we didn't go too far up north but I would love to see more rocky coast... it was fun climbing around them for sure!

    Heidi - You need to visit! You aren't tooooo far away either, go go go!

    Indigo - Thanks for being a part of our travels, it's great to have you!

    Thank you everyone for visiting! I loved my trip and love your treasures!

  10. I forgot to mention how incredibly cute your dog is! Oh my gosh!!

  11. Thanks for sharing these Maine photos! Your Meeko is so cute!!! My family and I were in Bar Harbor , Maine 4 years ago. This post reminds me of the fond memories we had! I love those handicraft/gift shops!