Tuesday, June 7, 2011

How-To Tuesday: Make Your Own Die Cuts (without a machine!)

But first, I have a question for ALL of you, it is very important:  Have any of you ever tried to change your own car headlight? My headlight has been out for a while now (like, 6 months) and it's time to fix it. I have zero urge to get charged $100 for somebody else to fix it so I want to do it myself.  Important Question: Have you ever done it? Do you think there is any chance I could pull this off with zero knowledge of car stuff? Thanks!

Happy Tuesday! The other day I found some awesome (groovy?) patterned paper at Marshalls for dirty cheap and I grabbed it up.  It's the Hippie Chic stack from DCWV. I loved all the pattern papers in the stack but they seemed way too busy to use as a whole...

Pretty paper isn't it?!

So out comes the exacto/cutting knife and a cutting mat! I watched tennis and cut the paper to pieces. It was actually kind of addicting, and many shapes I could have cut easily with fine scissors but the exacto knife was way more fun...

DCWV Hippie Chic paper cuts

Me and My Big Ideas paper stack

So rather than a step-by-step How To Tuesday, I just wanted to give you this great and easy idea to make your own die cuts. I made this Thinking of You card with the hippie chic cut outs

It actually ended up being one of my favorite cards I have ever made!
Happy cutting! Let me know if you get addicted to it, too... and advice on the car issue above Thanks!

<3 RWK
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  1. I like!!! You did awesome my friend.

  2. Cool card, its a great stress reliever using a craft night!
    As for the headlight, it really depends on your car. Older ones are much easier, you just pop the bonnet and can reach in and change the bulb, newer cars seem to hide them behind stuff, or if you're really unlucky encase them with the air filter! Have a look is my advice!!

  3. Thank you! I'll have to just check it out, hoping for the best! And I have a 2005 honda civic :)

  4. Sorry, no headlight experience here but I do love this technique you are sharing! Looks very addicting and I have so many pp that are just too crazy to use alone! TFS and good luck with the headlight!

  5. WOW!! That's AWESOME!!! + LOVE the result - your cards are FABULOUS!!!

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