Saturday, June 11, 2011

Amazingly Easy SVG Converter!

Make sure you let everyone you love know just how much you love them, every single day. It's been a crazy year for just about everyone in my family, we are thinking about everyone all the time. Xoxo

Now my find!...

So I was getting irritated because I thought one of my Lettering Delights files I had was an SVG, when in fact it was a "graphic" which did me no use. Using Inkscape to split up graphics gets really frustrating sometimes so I did some google research and I HAVE to share with you all what I found (It was news to me, sorry if it's not for you!)

MobileFish JPG to SVG Converter!!!! 

Photo from Lettering Delights, cut made by  Teresa from MI.

Your original image can actually be a jpg, gif, bmp, or png to work on this site. Once you upload the image just hit the "Create SVG" button. BAM you got yourself an SVG! It will give you a huge intense code, which means nothing to me, or you can then click the link directly under the text box that says "Download File" and it will just save the new image to your computer.

This will then open in Inkscape, if you have it. Then make sure you save the file as a "PLAIN svg" not an inkscape svg, then you'll be able to open it in Make the Cut or Sure Cuts A Lot.  Once I opened my little ice cold lemonade Lettering Delights image in Make the Cut, I was able to split it, break it apart, resize it, and everything else you do with a 'normal' SVG.  I was left with a few extra layers that weren't necessary, but you can figure out what you need or what you don't.

With some images your other cutting program still may not recognize it, so you can split the new svg through Inkscape like you normally would, and then save as a 'plain svg' and it will open. Turning graphics into SVGs through this site makes the splitting in Inkscape sooo much easier. Like very easy.

Have fun with the converter!! I was so excited to find it, I hope you can use it also for your digital cutting files! I'm now able to cut these graphics turned svg, with layers, with my Silhouette SD machine. I just love how easy it is!

Have a lovely Saturday evening. Stay out of the Thunderstorms :)

<3 RWK
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