Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How-To Tuesday: Make Easy Decorative Cans

Happy Tuesday! Is it just me, or does your whole week feel really thrown off when there is a Monday holiday?  So, since I'm feeling lazy, and I'm sure you are as well, this How-To Tuesday is so super simple I just did the tutorial this morning in minutes!

How-To make pretty cans to use throughout your home

The can I made this morning
Cans I made for the start of spring
The cans here were used with old candy tins from Christmas. With the winter decorations, I had no use for these until another 10 months, so I covered them with spring paper! One has been filled with flowers, and the other is filled with jelly beans (Don't you love when all that Easter candy goes on sale for 50% off?!)

Let's get started!....

Step 1:  Find any empty can around your house. Canned veggie or soup cans are a great size. I found this espresso can in our freezer (of course) so that's what I'll use today...
Steps 1 and 2: find a can and measure it!

Step 2:  Measure the height of your can from the bottom lip to the top lip. My espresso can measured 5" tall.

Step 3:  Find yourself some great patterned paper in your stash, and cut it at the height of your can (So I cut a strip at 5 inches)
Step 3: Cut your paper... isn't this paper so cute?!
Step 4:  Simply wrap your paper strip around the can and tape it in the back! If you want to leave it like that then You're Finished!
Step 4: Wrap the paper and tape!

Or for bonus points...

Step 5:  Decorate the paper with whatever embellishments you have around. I attached some bling rhinestones and buttons to the centers of the flowers.  You can use ribbons, glitter, stickers, stamps... anything you want to get the look you need
Step 5: embellish! All finished!

You're really finished! Just figure out what you want to put in your tin.  These would be easy storage for your craft area, and you can make it to match anything you want.  I could use this tin to hold all my writing markers, or maybe to hold my summer pinwheels from last week's How-To.

This is such an easy craft with endless options, and this is definitely kid friendly!

Have fun! What do you use your storage cans for? (I also have ones full of beer bottle caps and wine corks, ha)

<3 RWK
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Cards With my Silhouette SD and I Try ATCs...

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!  I hope you are all enjoying your day off (if you have one) and remembering the people who fight for us!  If you still need some red white and blue decor, for today or July 4th, check out my How-To on easy pin wheels here. I think I am going to put my pin wheels in the ground next to a war memorial statue before the day is out...

Today I just wanted to share some cards and ATCs I have been working on.  With the cards, I have been testing out my Silhouette SD cutter, and using Make The Cut software and Lettering Delights SVG files...

A congratulations card for a friend who will be moving away for nursing school, the inside reads "Oh, the places you'll go..." this would also make a great graduation card.  The cute balloon is from Lettering Delights Balloon Craze set.

A just because card I made for my husband. The phrase is "You Octopi My Thoughts" with an adorable octopus cut out. Both the phrase and octopus are from Lettering Delights Something Fishy Set..  I added blue stickles to the lettering, and diamond stickles to the little spots on his head. I corner chopped the bottom and added the uneven blue circles to look like bubbles popping out of the card.

Now I have tried to make my first ever ATC, I still have a lot to learn about these but I am having fun creating on such a small area. It is actually more of a challenge, since every little space has to be useful, there is no room for "fluff stuff!!"

With both ATCs I used stamps and colored pencils. I am putting the first one in the daily scrapbook I am putting together for my mom (you can read more about that here)

Enjoy the holidays and be safe

<3 RWK
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Travel the World Wednesday: Paris, France

Happy travels!  I've been obsessing over the French Open (tennis) for the past few days, and will be for the next week and a half. And in honor of the French Open....

Pack your bags, we're headed to Paris, France....

Since I have never been (I wish I had!) I created a gorgeous Etsy treasury inspired by Paris.  So many lovely things in this collection, thank you to all etsians for being so talented!

And here are some gorgeous photos from Frantisek Staud. View more of the photographs at his gallery here.

Photo by Frantisek Staud
Photo by Frantisek Staud
Photo by Frantisek Staud

And the last photo is taken by, and of, one of my best friends Rachel who married her lovely Frenchman JB last year! I love this picture and they are the cutest couple :)

Photo by Rachel (Nobel) Deloffre

Have you ever had the luxury of traveling to Paris? What was your favorite thing you saw or did? I would love to go sometime

<3 RWK
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How-To Tuesday: Make Festive Pinwheels

Is it really Tuesday already?! I made today's How-To for the first time and it is the easiest project. These adorable pinwheels would be perfect for your upcoming Memorial Day BBQ or to freshen up the house for summer. Pinwheels are such an iconic summer-time image! And I have to thank Martha for the fun idea.

Let's make Pinwheels!...

The Material 411:
Two pieces of patterned paper, cut to 5 inch square
Spray adhesive (or other glue)
Hot Glue Gun
Thumb tack
Bamboo skewer (or anything similar)

Step 1:  Cut two pieces of patterned paper to a 5"x5" square.  Then use your spray adhesive (love it or leave it) to glue the patterned paper back to back, and let dry...
Step 1, cut and glue paper

Step 2:  Use your ruler and pencil to draw a diagonal line from corner to corner...
Step 2, draw line from corners

So it looks like this!

Step 3:  Measure 3" up from each corner and mark it.  Then you will cut from each corner to that mark...
Step 3, measure and cut 3" up each corner

Step 4:  Now fold every other corner into the center.  Use hot glue (or any other strong, fast drying glue) to secure each corner...
Step 4, glue every other corner to center
And now you should have the base of your pinwheels...

Step 5:  With the thumb tack, make a hole in the center of the pinwheel.  Then use the tack again to push through the bamboo skewer.
Step 5, drill baby drill...into the bamboo

Step 6:  Now just put the thumb tack through the pinwheel, then put that through the skewer.... All finished!


Now just decide where you want to put them for decorations! Make your patterned paper colors coordinate with whatever theme you're using them for.  Aren't the red and blue ones perfect for Memorial Day? I placed mine in some little flower jars I had made for spring time...

These could be finished in 15-20 minutes, including glue drying time. So simple! And they definitely make the room look ready for summer.

Have fun crafting!

<3 RWK
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Stamping with Colored Pencils and Hero Arts

I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! We got one day off from the non-stop rain so we spent the day relaxing in the park, so it was pretty perfect :)

I just found out about this contest/challenge for Hero Arts so I jumped on the card making immediately. The rules are to use either a flower in your card, make an ATC, or use colored pencils, and of course incorporate a Hero Arts stamp. I don't have many large HA flower stamps, so I focused on working with colored pencils for pretty much the first time ever.

Enjoy browsing my latest projects!

Very simple card. Peacock and phrase both Hero Arts stamps. I shaded the birdie with pencils, this was my first one, woohoo!

A happy Hello giraffe! All stamps from Hero Arts, and giraffe and butterfly shaded using colored pencils. I punched out flower embossed yellow paper to match the giraffe spots (Thanks Kari for the emboss folder!) and also embossed the side.

Smile with the Shroomies! Hero Arts stamps used, all mushrooms, 'smiles', and border flowers. Colored in with pencils, and some red stickles added to the middle of the stamped flowers. I used my EK Success flower border punch on the edges.

Smile Crocodile! I think this ended up being my favorite! Crocodile stamp, phrase, and butterfly stamp from Hero Arts. I colored the animals with colored pencils. The scallop was shaded with a matching light green ink. Corners are punched with a Fiskars 3in1 corner punch, with little bling bits added to the middle.

There is no one like you special ducky card. Line the ducks in a row with Hero Arts stamps and colored with pencils. The yellow ducky also has orange Stickles on his beak and wing. I embossed a light blue paper strip with bubbles (for water!) and then shaded the top part of the water with different colored blue inks, and a white chalk on top.

Just had fun with this one, a "Hi" glittery peacock card. Texture embossed with this gorgeous big flower folder and glittered up pieces of the flower with stickles and Martha Stewart glitter and glue. Colored in the peacock with pencils. I really like how the colored pencils look on the Kraft paper!

Thanks for browsing! Enjoy your Sunday :)

<3 RWK
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Travel the World Wednesday: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

It's Travel the World Wednesday, and today I'm visiting Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!  This week's travel will be a little different since this is a place I have never been to (I wish I had) so I put together a Rio inspired treasury from lovely Etsy shops.

Pack your bags, we're off to RIO....

Some of the artwork these people have made is just stunning, and the jewelry is gorgeous!

More pictures of the lovely Rio de Janeiro...

Photo from NatGeo. I am in love with night shots

Photo from NatGeo. Isn't this absolute stunning? During the Samba Parade
Photo from NatGeo. Christ the Redeemer 
Photo from NatGeo. (not in Rio) the Iguaza Falls border Brazil and Argentina 

I hope you enjoyed this mini-version of Travel the World Wednesday! After looking for so many gorgeous photos I definitely have the craving to visit this place.  And with the World Cup and Summer Olympics being hosted here, I'm sure there will be plenty to keep you busy!
Thank you Nat Geo

<3 RWK
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How-To Tuesday: Make Paper Flower Hair Pins

I love Tuesdays! By posting a how-to every week, I am able to try a new craft that I haven't ever tried before. Most of my How-To Tuesdays are the first time I've ever tried something, I love it!  Today we'll make PAPER flower hair pins using all those random flower embellishments I'm sure you have sitting around.

I have been wanting to try these for a while now, so let's get started!

The Material 411:
Paper Flowers or other scrapbook flower embellies
Mod Podge
Bobby Pins
Favorite Glue
Bling, Stickles, Brads whatever 
Spray Finish (if ya have it)
Hot Glue Gun
Materials (plus a hot glue gun)

Step 1:
Using your small brush, paint a light layer of mod podge on the 'top' side of your flower (feel free to mod podge the bottom if you're patient enough) And let it dry. The point of doing this is simply to make your flowers stronger and more durable.
Step 1: Mod Podge em up

Step 2:
Use your spray coat finish, if you have it, and spray the tops and bottoms of each flower. Make sure not to inhale too many fumes. And let it dry
Step 2: inhale the fumes
Look how shiny they are now!

Step 3:
Layer up your flowers however you wish and use your favorite glue to adhere them together. I combined a good mix of small ones and large ones and polka dots and solids.
Step 3: Layers baybe

Step 4:
Fun time! Add your bling, stickles, buttons, brads, glitter, whatever your heart desires. I liked using the brads because that also adds more hold to the layer of flowers. I couldn't resist and had to put a flamingo in one of them :)
Step 4: decorate. The 'cool' tones
Step 4: decorate. The 'warm' tones

Step 5:
Last step! Take your bobby pins that you also have lying around the house and hot glue the two together. I also went back and put a big hot glue glob on top of the back of the pin for extra oomph. Make sure you don't glue the bobby pin to itself!
Step 5: Hot glue it all!
All finished! Now enjoy your creation!! These were really very simple to put together, the hardest part was being patient and waiting for everything to dry. 

Finished Product!
Made this combo for Fourth of July wearing (also our anniversary, haaay)
And wear them around town all day long! How do you ladies take pictures of your hair so well, this picture was incredibly difficult for me...

Bathroom photo shoot

What else do you use those paper flowers for besides scrapping and card making?? I had a lot of fun with these and will probably make one for every outfit color!

Want me to make you some? Just contact me and I would love to make a custom order for my lovely followers!!

<3 RWK
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